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Jyotrribid Pandit Jayant Ku. Sahoo (GOLD MEDALIST)
Jyotirbid Dr. Jayant Ku. Sahoo(GOLD MEDALIST) is a young & dynamic astrologer in bhubanesar,Odisha(India).He born in astrologer jyotish family & is a specialist in Astrology,vastu , Occult Science(Tantra) & Janta Manta Visarada & Proffessional Astrologer & Vastu Consultant in Bhubaneswar, Odisha(India).He studied Vedic Astrology from Rastriya Sanskrit Sansthan,Shree Sadasiva Campus,Puri, Odisha, (Deemed University) Under ministry of human resources Development.(Govt. of India).He Lear ned & gained Bhrugu Shinta,Parasar formula,Krisnamurty Padhati,Jemini system of Astrology,Occult Science & Indian Vastu Shasta.He Started Astrological Carrier at Puri,Odisha & He was participated in various,Astrological,Astronomi,Occult & Vastu Conference & seminars for developing the various methodology & logics of Astrology.Jyotirbid Dr.Jayant Ku. Sahoo is always researching the scientific value of vedic astrology and its usefulness to the modern world with a profitable challenges.